What is a Plant? Part 2

Here is the next chapter in the series of learning how to garden in today’s busy world. Today in January this week 2 of the 5 week introduction continues with plant basics to give you a foundation knowledge of your plants before we delve into getting a shovel into our gardens. Last week we explored … Read More

What is a plant? Part 1

I have been gardening all my life. My father was a landscaper who bought a garden center and my siblings and I were raised in it. My mother was a Woodstock hippie who was making kambucha in her linen closet back in the early 80’s and was organic gardening since I was a baby. Unlike … Read More

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to all of you garden lovers, plant enthusiasts, and backyard warriors. It has been a wonderful year at the garden center with landscape installations, new plant varieties, so many new products and our expansion with the new design center. With all that has been going on I have spent a lot of … Read More