Yard 101: The Three Yard Uses

The Three Yard Uses Danielle and I knew that there were three phases. What we planned during design. Pretty straight forward. Kids playing sports, BBQing, beds for gardening, trees, a dragon, a bar and seats from Shea Stadium. Yes, our interests are varied. What we changed during design. The we being Sean, Danielle and ourselves … Read More

Yard 101: Demolition

Dealing with Someone Else’s Choice “When you buy a house, you’re taking over someone else’s gardening choices.” Sean Newman said that to me recently – actually Danielle – when we were recording a video. It’s a point you should consider, and one I had not. “You spend all of the time and money thinking about … Read More

Yard 101: Landscape Maintenance versus Design

Seeing Is Believing Your landscape designer should provide you a design that looks something like the image below. Sean combined technology with expertise to bring the discussion he and my family had to life. These were concrete views rather than dream-clouds of what everything would look like. It also gave us a piece of paper … Read More

Yard 101: Make My Yard Look Cool

What I Want “I want you to make our yard look cool.” That is one of the first comments I made to Sean Newman about my yard. It was terribly non-specific. Almost like I wanted him to read my mind. I also wanted a reasonable price. I’m pretty sure everyone starts with those type of … Read More

What is a Plant? Part 2

Here is the next chapter in the series of learning how to garden in today’s busy world. Today in January this week 2 of the 5 week introduction continues with plant basics to give you a foundation knowledge of your plants before we delve into getting a shovel into our gardens. Last week we explored … Read More

What is a plant? Part 1

I have been gardening all my life. My father was a landscaper who bought a garden center and my siblings and I were raised in it. My mother was a Woodstock hippie who was making kambucha in her linen closet back in the early 80’s and was organic gardening since I was a baby. Unlike … Read More

Christmas Cactus Care

Yesterday I was asked by a customer why her Christmas cactus (Schlumbergera) doesn’t bloom at Christmas. It’s a simple answer it has to do with light. Less light equals blooms. Why? So really cool nature fact, the plant wants to pollenate but can’t do it on its own so it makes these colorful flowers in … Read More

3 Tips on Caring for Your Poinsettia

1. Poinsettias don’t like a lot of water. Watering a little once every couple of days is sufficient. Never use cold water! Room temperature only. 2. If your poinsettia is wrapped in foil remove it every time you water. Better still, water it in the sink and allow to drain before returning it to its … Read More