Fraser Fir Tree

Christmas Trees

Christmas Trees Island Park, Long Beach, Oceanside LI How do you choose a Christmas tree? Is there a difference between a Balsam Fir and a Frasier Fir? Which one is best for your needs? At A & T Garden Center, we can help you make the right choice of Christmas Tree for your family! Visit our … Read More

For Successful Planting A&T Garden Center recommends…

Bumper Crop organic soil builder Feeds plants up to 4 months, providing the nutrients plants need for continuous blooms, veggies and fruits. Perfect for all outdoor, in-ground plants and garden beds. Master Nursery Bumper Crop Bumper Crop will help you prevent transplant loss in your garden. Add Bumper Crop to your soil when planting or … Read More

Planting Perennial & Annual Plants

Stage your plants around your planting area while still in their pots. Make sure you have taken into consideration the mature height/width of the plants as well as the sun or shade requirements. Determine an appropriate location for planting, then dig a hole a few inches wider than the container. Water your plants thoroughly, then … Read More

Guide to Successful Planting – Nassau County Long Island

So you’re ready to start planting? We have a wonderful climate that perfect for all types of annuals, perennials, shrubs and trees! Here’s a brief guide to successful planting in Island Park in Nassau County Long Island From the experts at A & T Garden Center! Before You Plant Always plant in a well drained … Read More