Christmas Trees

Is there anything that evokes a happier emotion than a beautifully decorated Christmas tree with lights and gifts around it? The smell of the fresh cut Balsam or Fraser fir? I love it. It brings back the memories of my father and I preparing the garden center for our customers. We are so fortunate to have loyal customers that Christmas was our last chance of the year to see them. Everyone comes in with a smile on their face and takes a second to chat. “How was your vegetable garden” “did you try that new variety of hydrangea?” There was usually a handshake and a laugh then my dad would wish them happy New Years and would tell them he would see them in the spring.

As I walked among the trees today and caught that smell of the Fraser fir, I smiled, picturing my dad there with a smile on his face and I thought of how happy he would have been among the trees and the customers he liked to think of as family. I am fortunate to have this and so many memories of the people who worked for us and still pop in at this time of year and want to reminisce. Some bring their kids now for their trees and its become their tradition.

So when I show someone a tree tomorrow I hope they are a new customer, someone who builds their family tradition with ours. Thank you for a wonderful Christmas season!

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christmas trees