February Gardening To-Do List for Long Island NY

February Gardening To-Do List Long Island NYFebruary Gardening Tips & Chores

This is the time of year when winter seems the longest, yet each passing day brings a longer stretch of sunshine and the promise of a new gardening season! There are still a number of tasks on our Long Island February gardening to do list as we prepare for the upcoming season.

Visit our Island Park garden center for everything you need to complete your February gardening chores, from bird seed to flower seeds and everything in between!


  • Continue to use garden notes, photos and sketches to assess areas which need plants
  • Finish seed list

Chores and Maintenance:

  • Check on winter plant protection; add mulch and adjust plant stakes as necessary
  • Continue to inspect ornamental trees and shrubs for scale insects
  • Use wood ashes sparingly from fireplace as a good source of potash
  • Avoid the use of salt to melt snow as it is toxic to most plants; use sawdust, sand or cat litter
  • Keep bird feeders filled throughout the winter


  • Take cuttings of indoor plants now to use as bedding plants in late spring some favorites are lantana, geranium, coleus, heliotrope, fuschia, begonia etc. using a rooting hormone.
  • Sow seeds of annuals which require a long growing season like lobelia, petunia, vinca, browallia, snapdragon, verbena etc. always use a seed starting soil.

Pruning/ Fertilizing:

  • Continue to prune away storm-damaged branches promptly. This prevents tearing of the bark
  • Prune forsythia, pussywillow, quince etc. for forcing indoors
  • Prune summer and fall-blooming shrubs


  • Continue to provide houseplants with increased humidity; mist often or place the houseplant over a tray of moist pebbles
  • On frigid nights, protect indoor plants from freezing; move them away from the glass of cover glass with thick newspaper or cardboard
  • Continue to clean leaves of large and smooth-leaved houseplants like dracaeana, philodendron, ficus etc.
  • Inspect houseplants for insect pests. Remove insects by hand and spray with insecticidal soap as necessary

Call 516-431-6821 or visit our garden center at 4373 Austin Blvd. in Island Park, NY for guidance and inspiration on how to get your garden ready for the Spring season!