January Gardening Chores | Nassau County, LI

January gardening chores Nassau County Long Island

Your Long Island Garden January To-Do List!

Here in Long Island, we are fortunate to have a long growing season. Our relatively mild winters provide an opportunity for planning the creation of lush gardens as Winter slowly gives way to Spring. In the meantime, there are some important January garden chores Nassau County LI gardeners can to prepare.

At A & T Garden Center, we are your go-to gardening destination in Island Park and Nassau County for everything from gardening supplies, to annuals, perennials, and water gardens!

Here are some helpful January gardening tips…for both indoors and out!

Garden Planning:

• Use garden notes, photos and sketches from your previous year to assess areas that need plants. Keeping a notebook from year to year is a huge help in tracking your progress.
• Determine types and quantities of plants for this years plantings (See the Vegetable Growing Guide published by the Nassau County Cornell Co-Operative Extension)
• Call our garden experts at 516-431-6821 for guidance and suggestions, and place pre-orders for plants for early season discounts on selected trees and shrubs, annuals, perennials and more.

January Outdoor Chores and Maintenance:

Plant Inspection

• Now is the time to inspect ornamental trees and shrubs for scale insects
• If a thaw occurs, apply an antidesiccant (horticultural oil recommended) to newly planted, narrow-leaved or broad-leaved evergreens
• Check for frost heaving on perennials and cover with extra mulch if necessary
• Use wood ashes sparingly from the fireplace as a good source of potash
• Avoid the use of salt to melt snow as it is toxic to most plants; use sawdust, sand or cat litter
• Check on dstored ahlia, canna and gladiolus bulbs for rotting and/or drying out
• Keep bird feeders filled throughout the winter (planting 1 winter berry shrub will happily feed some hungry birds)

Pruning/ Fertilizing:

• Prune storm-damaged branches promptly; this prevents tearing of the bark
• Prune forsythia, pussy willow, quince, etc. for forcing indoors

Indoor Plant Chores & Maintenance

• When buying houseplants in winter, be sure to wrap them up well for the trip home. Foliage will suffer from freezing temperatures. Be sure to pay extra attention to protect tropical house plants from drafts.
• Give houseplants as much light as possible as days grow shorter
• Provide houseplants with increased humidity; mist often or place the houseplant over a tray of moist pebbles
• Our indoor air can be harsh on plants. Houseplants do grow more slowly in winter, so it’s a good idea to water less frequently, but in the same amounts.
• On frigid nights, move your indoor plants away from window or door glass to prevent freezing. You can also cover them with newspaper or cardboard to protect them.
• Wipe the leaves of large and smooth-leaved houseplants like dracaena, philodendron, ficus with a damp cloth to remove oils and dust.
• Periodically nspect your houseplants for insect pests; remove by hand and spray with insecticidal soap if necessary
• Indoor health plant tip: clean our clay pots by soaking them overnight in a solution 1 part water, 1 part bleach, 1 part vinegar

Did you know we are also a regional leader in professional landscape design? Call 516-431-6821 or visit our garden center at 4373 Austin Blvd. in Island Park, NY for assistance and inspiration to enhance your outdoor living space!

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