Landscape Lighting Installation

5 Reasons to Invest in Landscape Lighting

Adding landscape lighting to your garden or yard can provide many benefits. You may want to highlight a specific feature or make a walkway safe by adding light fixtures. The different types of outdoor lighting allow for a lot of versatility and creativity. Whether you choose something simple or elaborate there are some very good reasons to invest in landscape lighting. Here are a few of them.

1. Use Landscape Lighting to Illuminate a Walkway

This is a practical use of outdoor light fixtures and it may be the most important reason to add them. Walking on a pathway at night can be dangerous and adding walkway lights can make it safer. Decorative lights may highlight a front walkway while making it safe for visitors to approach your front door. Adding lights to a backyard walkway lets you enjoy the scenery at night and ensures your safety.

2. Outdoor Lighting Discourages Prowlers

Unwelcomed intruders do not like light. Adding lights to outdoor spaces will lessen the likelihood of nighttime mischief. Most robbers or thieves try to avoid lighted areas for fear of being seen by either someone in the house or a neighbor.

3. Enjoy More of the Outdoors

Adding landscape lighting lengthens the time you can enjoy cool evenings in your garden or terrace. It expands your outdoor living space to some extent. With additional light, you can entertain on the patio, work in the garden or take a swim in the pool. Patio lights or deck lights allow you to enjoy a peaceful, relaxing evening sitting on the lawn or terrace.

4. Highlight Your Garden at Night

With landscape lighting, you are not limited to enjoying your garden areas only in the daylight. Whether you highlight a specific plant or lighten a favorite area, it will be more visible during the nighttime hours. This gives you more time to enjoy the landscaped areas you have put time, effort, and money into.

5. Increase the Value of Your Home

Regardless of your home’s design or size, landscape lighting can accentuate the positives while adding dimension and style. Well placed lights emphasize your home’s best features of a modest home. Lighting adds space and dynamic form to the exterior of a home and increases its value. This is advantageous for homeowners who choose to sell. Well lit homes are more attractive to a potential buyer.

If you are ready to reap the benefits and highlight your home’s best outdoor features with landscape lighting, call us today at (516) 431-6821. Let us help you add value to your Island Park, NY home.