NY Christmas Tree Shortage

You should not be late this year for your Christmas Tree. I need to inform you there is a shortage on Christmas trees, wreaths, and pine garland again. Today we landed our last 100 trees for the season, no more pine garland, and we have barely 20 wreathes left in stock. Although we might expect this shortage to be a cause from climate change or some environmental factor, it is in fact due to different factors altogether. The lack of Christmas tree’s and wreathes are due to snow. Five unexpected feet in the first snow in October. It came early in Canada and became to cold for the workers to cut tree’s and the branch tips needed to make wreathes. It has put a squeeze on the availability and there is no more wreathes or tree’s coming in. White pine garland shortage is due to economic factors. While people love it for garland it has fallen out of favor as Christmas tree so there are less being grown which means less for garland cutting, some of the family farms have been sold for other commercial uses as children don’t want to go into the farming business and the land is worth enough to make them sell. All this means a shortage on material. Don’t wait past this weekend.

We are open 9am – 9pm through December 23 and 9am – 4pm on Christmas Eve.