Yard 101: The Three Yard Uses

The Three Yard Uses

Danielle and I knew that there were three phases.

  • What we planned during design. Pretty straight forward. Kids playing sports, BBQing, beds for gardening, trees, a dragon, a bar and seats from Shea Stadium. Yes, our interests are varied.
  • What we changed during design. The we being Sean, Danielle and ourselves since Sean’s job was to bring everything to life. We added a secondary porch for relaxing. Curves to give the tree line a slick look. The gardening was pushed off to a later time and the seats from Shea Stadium were taken out of the design. Kept the dragon and bar though.
  • Everything else. That’s what happened when you finish and the kids get to use the yard.

I never knew it would be an artists studio.


A place for Tyler to use an ipad when we tell him he needs fresh air.


And a location for me to BBQ while being to see them both.It’s really the unexpected uses that is going to make your new yard so cool. Feel free to share the unexpected uses of your yard below. Our

Have a great day.